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Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening in Ukraine and why should I care?
The entire nation has been affected by the invasion, with entire cities destroyed and millions displaced, creating a humanitarian crisis the scale of which Europe has not seen since World War 2. The goal of this project is to help provide food for those in need.

How is this project trying to help?
World Central Kitchen is joining forces with renowned Ukrainian artist Marta Pitchuk to issue a series of NFTs on the GlassBlock marketplace from Devvio. 100% of the proceeds from initial NFT sales will go towards the World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit organization founded by celebrity chef José Andrés devoted to providing meals in the wake of disasters.

What is GlassBlock?
Glassblock is an energy-efficient marketplace that allows NFT assets held on the DevvX blockchain to be bought, sold and traded securely.

What is an NFT?
An NFT is a smart digital contract that proves irrevocable ownership of a digital asset. In other words, it’s like a title to your car, if both the title and your car existed solely in the digital realm. In this case, if you purchase an NFT artwork, you will be the sole owner of that particular piece, and anyone else, even if they actually have the same image downloaded onto their computer, will be able to verify through publicly available data that the NFT is stored on your personal wallet address, and hence belongs to you only.

Who is Marta Pitchuk?
Marta is a Ukrainian artist known for her powerful works that incorporate Ukrainian ethnic motifs in bright colors. She is one of the rising stars of the modern Ukrainian art scene, and her works frequently sell at auctions all across Europe for five-figure sums. You can read more about her at this link:

How many NFTs will be sold?
There are 21 total images in the Motanka collection. These are planned to be released in 3 traunches comprised of 7 images each. The number of NFTs minted for the current traunch (Traunch 1) is shown below. Quantities are final, and these pieces will never be minted as NFTs again.
- The Victory Motanka of Kyiv Polissia: 1 minted
- The Trikirion of Hutsulia: 1 minted
- The Feathers of Transcarpathia: 2 minted
- The Bridal Wrath of Pokuttya: 8 minted
- The Aqua of Bukovyna: 25 minted (5 as giveaways)
- The Lupines of Hutsulia: 100 minted (10 as giveaways)
- The Feather of Boykivshchyna: 100 minted

How exactly does World Central Kitchen help Ukrainians in need?
World Central Kitchen was one of the first nonprofits to respond to the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine. From the beginning, José Andrés and his team have been on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring Poland to feed people fleeing destroyed homes, villages, towns, and cities all across Ukraine. ( Historically, the way Ukrainians show love is through their rich culture of food and hospitality. In times of pain, a warm, nourishing meal is not just a means of survival, but also a way for Ukrainians to feel loved and comforted.

How can I be certain that my money will actually go to WCK?
Devvio (the developer of the GlassBlock marketplace) prides itself on trust and transparency. Devvio will not draw a commission on initial sales, and 100% of these proceeds will go to WCK. The exact details of any NFT sale—as well as the corresponding donation—will be viewable and verifiable using a blockchain explorer such as Etherscan, allowing anyone to confirm that donations are consistent with sales revenues.

Why should I buy an NFT instead of simply donating money directly to WCK?
You absolutely could (and should!) donate to World Central Kitchen, a highly reputable charity with a robust track record of providing service in times of crisis. If you donate to WCK by buying one of our NFTs, however, you will not only help Ukrainians in need, but will also receive the following benefits:
- A rare digital artwork that can be displayed as a representation of your artistic taste and commitment to a humanitarian cause.
- You will provide exposure to an up-and-coming Ukrainian artist in a time when she needs it more than ever.
- You will make history by becoming the owner of an NFT from the world's first collection by an independent artist on the GlassBlock marketplace.

How do I buy an NFT to support Ukraine?
Click on the Store page on this website, find your favorite piece, and click Buy Now, which will take you to Devvio's GlassBlock marketplace for checkout. You can also visit GlassBlock directly and browse the collection: Motanka NFTs can be purchased using a variety of cryptocurrencies. Our checkout page is secure, and the checkout experience is powered by Coinbase Commerce, though a Coinbase account is not required to purchase an NFT on GlassBlock.

What can I do with my NFT?
Many buyers display NFTs in digital picture frames, order custom posters or prints, use them as profile pictures, resell them over time, or even gift them to friends.

What happens to the sales revenue if I resell my NFT?
If you decide to list your Motanka NFT for resale on GlassBlock and it is sold to a new buyer, you will receive the sales revenue, and Devvio will receive its normal commission. None of the proceeds from secondary sales will be directed to charity; however, we highly encourage you to make a charitable contribution from your proceeds.

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